Your Enchanting Ocean

Patricia Pixie❤
2 min readSep 18

I wanna drown inside your soul

Photo by Christoffer Engström on Unsplash

Into the depths of your captivating ocean, I yearn to submerge myself, surrendering willingly to the tides of your boundless emotions. Your eyes, akin to shimmering pools of solace, beckon me to seek sanctuary in their profound depths. My heart aches for the solace of your embrace, a haven where my sorrows may find respite, and the fragmented pieces of my soul can mend.

Draw me closer to the rhythm of your heart, for within its harmonious cadence, I seek the melodious balm that will soothe the wounds of my aching spirit. Let our breaths intertwine in a harmonious duet, creating a symphony of life and love as we navigate the tumultuous seas of existence hand in hand. Your heartbeat, an unwavering anchor amidst life’s tempests, is the very reason I remain buoyant amid the crashing waves.

Caress me, for I yearn for the electrifying sensation of connection, the passionate spark of flesh against flesh. Within your touch, I unearth refuge from the numbness that has enshrouded my soul for far too long. It’s the warmth of your fingertips, the tenderness of your gentle caress, that stirs my dormant senses, a poignant reminder that I still breathe, that I can yet feel in a world that often numbs.

In this chapter of my life, I thirst for the authenticity of emotions, the unfiltered essence of human connection. Your presence, akin to a lifeline thrown into the abyss of my despair, grants me purpose. Together, we voyage through the depths of sorrow, scouring the shadows for treasures concealed within, understanding that even amidst the darkest hours, beauty still thrives.

Within the embrace of your enchanting ocean, I unearth the indomitable spirit of humanity — the ability to heal, to feel, and to love. It is here, in the profound depths of our shared emotions, that I summon the courage to confront life’s tempests. As we navigate these uncharted waters side by side, I am reminded that even in the direst of circumstances, hope persists, and within the blackest of nights, the promise of a new dawn lingers.

Patricia Pixie❤

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