Time’s Ode to Our Eden

Patricia Pixie❤
1 min readSep 6

Our personal realm

Photo by Stacey Koenitz on Unsplash

In our Eden, time assumes a role unlike any other. It is as if the very essence of existence conspires to serve our union, willingly bowing before the rhythm of our intertwined hearts. Here, it stretches out like a serene river, a languid flow of moments that carries us with the utmost tenderness, as if each second were a cherished offering.

This is a place where the ticking of clocks and the demands of schedules dare not intrude. Time, in our Eden, becomes a benevolent guardian, granting us the rare gift of unhurried togetherness. In its leisurely currents, we find solace and connection, where every moment is savored as if it were a precious gem held up to the glistening light of our shared love.

Each heartbeat echoes through this timeless realm, a reminder of the profound bond that defines our sanctuary. Here, the world beyond fades into insignificance as we bask in the splendor of our own universe. In this sacred space, time itself becomes an ode to our love, an eternal melody that serenades our souls.

Patricia Pixie❤

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