Tender Threads of Love

Patricia Pixie❤
2 min readSep 18

A tender kind of innocent feeling

Photo by Ayko Neil Kehl on Unsplash

In the tender cradle of dawn, where the world is painted in hues of rose and gold, your presence unfolds like the petals of a delicate flower within my heart. Love, a gentle and innocent waltz, weaves a timeless tapestry across the vast canvas of our souls. With each sunrise, a deep yearning awakens, and in the sanctuary of your arms, I find my truest purpose. It is in the soft embrace of morning’s glow that I need you most, for your love is the spark that kindles a sweet fire within me, a warmth that radiates through my very being.

In the quietude of night, when the celestial tapestry above us twinkles with a million stars, I often find myself in the throes of sleepless contemplation. Through those tranquil hours, my thoughts reach out to you, whispering words like secret treasures to the universe. In the stillness that blankets me, I utter your name with utmost reverence, a gentle mantra that traverses the realms of time and space. In these nocturnal reveries, I caress your essence with unwavering patience, nurturing the garden of my heart’s deepest desires.

Threads of innocence and passion intertwine, weaving an unbreakable bond between our souls. Love, as pure as the first light of dawn, knows no boundaries of distance or the erasing hands of time. You are the sunrise that chases away the shadows of my darkest nights, the guardian of my heart’s fondest dreams. In every fleeting moment, it is your love that completes me, imbuing my world with purpose, tenderness, and the profound understanding that, with you, I am whole.

Patricia Pixie❤

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