Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash

For him, she was the sweetest thing

He caressed her shapely curves with the tip of one finger. The wettest of her desires burned every inch of her skin. He not only wanted to see her. He wanted to savor her calmly. He wanted to enjoy her every second that she was inside his beloved. A storm of passion clouded his gaze. He didn’t care what others might think of him. All he wanted was to have that beautiful woman in his arms.

Golden curls covering her back, a waist as sinuous as the waves of the sea. Green eyes eager to be loved wildly. It was not a picture taken from an erotic magazine. She was a real woman, made of flesh and blood. With bad days and days when she seemed to glow in the sunlight.

Yet to him, such a woman was a piece of heaven itself. He considered it a true miracle that her life had given him the opportunity to coincide with her that autumn afternoon, just outside the local mall.

Neither of them were beings from another world; they were just a man and a woman eager to find someone to spend the night with.

In that first meeting, there was no piano melody to enhance the act of love.

There was only one man going in and out of the wettest area of a beautiful lady as if his whole life was in it.

She had no qualms about letting the world know how much she was enjoying that moment. The curvaceous blonde didn’t even make an effort to stifle her moans. The woman let her body vibrate to the rhythm of love. She had no use trying to pretend that the loving thrusts of her partner reached the most remote corner of her curvy body. The sweet honey that gushed from her opening betrayed her.

There are sweet poisons that, no matter how hard you try, it is not easy to escape from them, so the only thing you have left is to let them devour you.

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