Raise from the dead (Your Medium account)

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Just last month, my Medium account was completely dead, but I’ve changed a few things, and I’m on my way to one of my highest earning months ever. And while this has involved a bit of extra work, it hasn’t been as difficult as you think.

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What are you waiting for?

Life goes fast really quick. Do you really think you are living your life to the fullest? I know that maybe you are a little bit disappointed with yourself, but please, don’t let that feeling of uneasiness make you feel down. Use that fire that burns inside of you to improve yourself and be the best version of yourself.

“What will they say about what I write?”

Simply focus on what you are truly passionate about, on those topics that you master, and write without worrying too much about what other people might say. Write, at first, because you need the world to read what you have in your mind, the rest will come with time. Remind yourself that it is essential to never let fear limit you.

Learn to Focus

For this you can start with some of the resources that are on the net, such as books, specialists who work independently or audios available on diverse platforms. Spend a little of your time learning to focus on what you are doing or on the goals you want to achieve, and you will see that your life slowly begins to change.

An Extra Effort

I am not saying at any time that you should push yourself until you drop dead. I am trying to tell you that there is nothing wrong with giving extra effort into what you do. It doesn’t cost you anything to sacrifice five minutes of watching your favorite series or smoking, to dedicate them to developing yourself in what really matters to you.

Comment and Share

Speaking specifically about Medium, it is very important that you know the importance of commenting and sharing other writers’ articles. In addition to the fact that this helps your work to be seen more by others, it never hurts to help someone else. This is how a community is formed, which serves all its members to grow together.


Don’t think that because you started writing about a certain genre, you have to keep writing about the same thing for the rest of your life. If, when the time comes, you discover that writing about that subject no longer excites you, bores you, or simply no longer interests you, it is valid that you try writing about other things. Part of the writer’s job is knowing how to adapt to changing times and the new needs of the market.

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