Into Your Beautiful Ocean

Patricia Pixie❤
2 min readSep 18

I wanna dive into your sea

Photo by NEOM on Unsplash

Deep into your beautiful ocean, I yearn to immerse myself, to surrender to the depths of your emotions. Your eyes, like glistening pools of solace, beckon me to find refuge in their depths. I long for your embrace, a sanctuary where my sorrow can find solace, where my heart can mend its broken pieces.

Hold me closer to your heart, for within its rhythmic cadence, I seek the melody that will soothe my aching soul. Let our breaths become synchronized, a symphony of life and love, as we navigate the turbulent seas of existence together. Your heartbeat, a steady anchor in the tempest of life, is the reason that keeps me afloat amidst the crashing waves.

Touch me, for I hunger for the sensation of connection, the electric spark of skin against skin. In your touch, I find respite from the numbness that has gripped my spirit for too long. It’s the warmth of your fingers, the tenderness of your caress, that awakens my senses, reminding me that I am alive, that I can still feel in a world that often numbs.

For once in my life, I crave the authenticity of emotions, the rawness of human connection. Your presence, like a lifeline cast into the abyss of my despair, offers me a reason to endure. Together, we wade through the depths of sorrow, seeking the treasures hidden in the shadows, knowing that even in the darkest moments, there is beauty to be found.

In the embrace of your beautiful ocean, I discover the resilience of the human spirit, the capacity to heal, to feel, and to love. It’s here, within the depths of our shared emotions, that I find the strength to face the storms that life may bring. And as we navigate these uncharted waters together, I am reminded that even in the deepest despair, there is hope, and even in the darkest night, there is the promise of a new dawn.

Patricia Pixie❤

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