Here I stand

Patricia Pixie❤
4 min readDec 8, 2023

No matter how hard you try to break me, I am still breathing

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In the midst of tumultuous times, where shadows cast long and deep across the digital landscape, I stand — resilient, unbroken. The virtual realms, oftentimes a playground for the trolls and purveyors of malice, have hurled their venom my way, a relentless storm of spite, simply for my being, my daring to exist. But here I remain.

I do not weep. No, tears are not the language my soul speaks, for I know the world is not solely made of darkness. It has never been. For every act of malice, there are tenfold hearts pulsating with the light of kindness, souls who weave the fabric of compassion into the very web that others seek to fray. Such is the dichotomy of existence, the yin and yang that keeps the universe in balance.

Faith is the quiet melody that hums within me, a steadfast rhythm that guides my steps through the cacophony of hatred. It is the lighthouse that endures the raging storm, the oak that stands unyielding against the howling winds of animosity. My faith, a gleaming beacon, shines ever more brightly in the face of adversity.

This heart of mine, it soars — an eagle above the storm, gliding on winds that seek to buffet and tear, yet only serve to lift me higher. Each attempt to break my spirit is but a gust beneath my wings, propelling me towards the sun. The higher I fly, the smaller the shadows become, the quieter the voices of dissent.

I am but one, yet within me resides a legion of hope, a choir of optimism that sings a cantata of possibility. For each voice that whispers defeat, a chorus within me chants triumph. This is the song of my existence, a complex melody composed of both trials and triumphs.

In the solitude of reflection, I find strength. Each keystroke, each word typed into the void, becomes an affirmation of my endurance. The internet, a realm devoid of faces, where anonymity emboldens the cowardly, cannot quell the power of an authentic voice. My narrative weaves through the strands of cyberspace, a testament to the human spirit.

I am a vessel of light in a world where light is often obscured. My presence is an act of defiance, a declaration that while hate may be loud, love resounds even louder. I am a caretaker of dreams, a guardian of the gentle, the kindred…



Patricia Pixie❤

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