A little thought/prose peom about heartbreak

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What can you do if trust has gone down the drain?

Once upon a time, not long ago, you believed his words.

You believed that maybe you had a chance to make it right.

Silly goose, believing in the words of somebody you didn't…



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Wishing the most wonderful day to any person reading this.

May you won’t let anybody still the smile from your face.

As life is way too short for hate.

You deserve to be happy the best way you can.

Your eyes deserve to see clearer skies.

May the most beautiful…



A micropoem about a beautiful morning.

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The skies are bluer than yesterday.

No more fear in sight.

May this morning bring you joy.

No one deserves to feel hurt.

The wounds will heal real soon.

Don’t worry about the last night, darling.



Just a poem with some desire hints

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I can tell he has been watching me.

His pulse rises, I can feel it.

His friends laugh at him,

But it doesn't matter anymore.

The hunger is too big to deny it.

Ecstasy, lucidity, pain?

This goes beyond a mere crush.




It doesn't involve hurting anyone.

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Feeling more confident about yourself it is certainly a journey that can take up a whole lifetime, so this article is just a pointer to get you started.

But a good idea might be starting by focusing into the little achievements you have reached until…



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