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I just let myself be carried away by the sweetest of the winds. I close my eyes and everything fades away. I don’t remember anything of the bitter past that kept me bound into the shadows for so long. All that matters is that for today, I am alive. Lonely…



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You don’t need to apologize for being who you really are. In life, you will meet many false people, who hide their misery behind socially acceptable masks, to feel a little less vulnerable in front of others. Respect others, but don’t let anything or anyone take away your individuality.




A little poem

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Lovely embrace.

Nothing but you and me.

The most awaited meeting.

Who built this in heaven?

Little smiles everywhere.

Skies are opening in front of us.

Feelings that keep growing.

Holding into a beautiful dream.

Can you see the beauty of this?

Can you feel it in…



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Through his fingers, a million galaxies silently slipped. Just as he planned it from the very beginning. From a very young age, this inquisitive young man dreamed of touching the sky with his bare hands. Back then, everybody laughed at him, but now, they couldn’t contain their awe, after looking…



A little poem about something you might call love.

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Slowly going thru my brain.

Sweet as candy,

Hot as the same hell.

Craving the original sin.

Making me crash against the ground.

An unknown feeling teasing my sanity.

Making me dream in colors.

The warmest of the summer suns,

Dripping inside my mortal soul.

I craved it before knowing…



No, is not about bringing yourself down

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Some people mix up being humble with acting as if everything they have done was worthless, but that is not the idea. For me, being humble is recognizing your worth; not denying the effort you put into achieving your goals, without trying to bring anyone else down or belittling the…



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Patricia Pixie❤

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